Greece will train Bulgarian pilots

Bulgarian Air Force pilots will receive part of their flight training in the F-16 or in any other western type of fighter that Bulgaria will soon acquire in Greece by Greek trainers of the Hellenic Air Force.

The HAF will also provide training in the organization of the logistics and in support issues in generally.

The Greek Deputy Defense Minister Dimitris Elefsiniotis discussed this issue with the political leadership of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense during his visit in Sofia where he took part in the NATO conference on “smart defense”.

Mr. Elefsiniotis agreed with his counterpart and the Chief of the Bulgarian Air Force, that by September all proposals should be completed (requirements, costs, schedules, commitments, etc.) based on preliminary work that has already been concluded by the Hellenic Air Force.

A part of the factory maintenance of the new Bulgarian fighter is also been discussed to be conducted by the Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI).

In addition, the technical agreement for the assumption by the Hellenic Air Force of the air policing of the airspace of Bulgaria – in the context of NATO – in emergency situations, such as in cases of hijackings etc is at the final stage. This issue was also part of the collaboration between Mr. Elefsiniotis and the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense during the visit.

Source: tanea.gr

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Source:: Defense Greece (Air)