Greek-Israeli joint air force exercise held at Larissa AB Greece, Oct. 21-26th

According to a laconic announcement of the Hellenic Air Force, “from Sunday, 21 to Friday, October 26, 2012 and in the context of the Military Cooperation between Greece and Israel for 2012 a joint training exercise took place at the 110 Combat Wing / Air Base Larissa in Greece”.

Certainly this short statement has more connotations: with this exercise the level of the military cooperation between Greece and Israel goes another step as it is the third time that Israeli jet fighters landed in a Greek Air Base after the beginning of the military cooperation between the two countries in 2008. A cooperation that also included joint naval drills during which Israeli corvettes where hosted in Salamis, the main Naval Base of the Hellenic Navy in August 2012. This third time Israeli warplanes were hosted by the HAF shows the growing confidence between the two air forces and the high level of cooperation between them.

More precisely 10 Israeli F-16I Sufa aircraft came from 3 squadrons and specifically from Tayeset 119 “Bat” (Ha ‘Atalef) [# 413, # 448, # 491], Tayeset 201 “The One” (Ahat ) [# 857, # 868, # 880] and Tayeset 253 “Negev” (Ha ‘Negev) [# 407, # 445, # 476, # 478] together with a large number of pilots and support staff. Throughout the visit Israeli aircraft were carrying Conformal Fuel Tanks, large 600gal wing tanks, training AIM-9L missiles and the Litening II (targeting) and LANTIRN (navigation) pods with the aid of which they performed night missions on a daily basis.

The Greek – Israeli cooperation started with the exercise “Glorious Spartan” in May 2008, continued with the exercise “Minos” in May 2010 during which Israeli jet fighters were operating from air bases of the HAF in Crete …read more

Source:: Defense Greece (Air)

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