HAF- Participation in NATO Tiger meet 2013


The 335th Squadron of the 116 Combat Wing of the HAF participated in the exercise “NATO Tiger Meet 2013», which took place between 17 and June 28 at the Orland Air Base of Norway. It is the largest air force exercise carried out annually in Europe . The 335th Squadron participated with four F-16C Block 52 + Advanced. The participation list also included two NATO E-3A AWACS, six F-16 MLU from Belgium, five F-16 MLU from the Netherlands, twelve F-16 MLU from Norway, three F -16 Block 50 from Turkey, six F-16 Block 52 + Advanced from Poland , six Tornado from Germany, six Rafale from France, four Jas-39 Grippen and two Hind helicopters from the Czech Republic, six F-18s from Spain , another six F-18s from Switzerland, three Saab 105E from Austria and two USAF KC-135. The Norwegian Special Forces and Norwegian Navy also participated with frigates and corvettes. The 335 Squadron participated in various missions like Composite Air Operations, Air Interdiction with special weapons GBU-31, GBU-10 and GBU-12, Close Air Support, Combat Search and Rescue missions and evacuation of hostages.



Source: strategyreports

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Source:: Defense Greece (Air)

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