Eurofighter unveils 1 billion-euro radar upgrade


Europe’s Eurofighter consortium committed Wednesday to a 1.0-billion-euro ($1.25-billion) upgrade to equip Typhoon combat jets with a more advanced type of radar.

It said defence ministers from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain attended the signing ceremony for a 1.0-billion-euro contract that will enable the integration of Captor E-Scan onto the multirole fighters.

The Eurofighter consortium that includes Britain’s BAE Systems, Italy’s Finmeccanica, and the European aerospace giant Airbus Group called the system the world’s most advanced active electronically scanned array radar.

British defence equipment minister Philip Dunne said the new radar “offers a significant increase in the capability of the aircraft”.

The fighter is in use by the air forces of Austria, Britain, Germany, Italy, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Spain.

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Source:: Defense Talk (Air)

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