Suriname Air Force gets 3 Chetak helicopters from India

Suriname Air Force gets 3 Chetak helicopters from India.

In 2014 it was announced that Suriname’s order for helicopters from India was in fact for HAL Chetak and not the HAL Dhruv even as the Chetak production line is planned to be shut down.

So rumours aside by the end of January 2015 the three Indian Chetak helicopters were assembled and delivered in Suriname as SAF-H001 (c/n AH-350), SAF-H002 (c/n AH-351) & SAF-H003 (c/n AH-352).

The Chetak Multipurpose Helicopter is an improved version of Alouette III and was awarded civil airworthiness certificate on 12 Dec 1961. It has a tricycle type undercarriage and can carry seven passengers including the pilots. The Helicopter Division manufactures the versatile and Multipurpose Chetak Helicopters for Civil and Military applications both for Domestic and International customers. The Chetak Helicopter is a multi-role, seven seater Helicopter, spacious and simple in design, the Chetak is highly maneuverable and well suited to flying over sea, tropical and desert conditions.

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