Azerbaijan claims its air defences shot down Armenia’s tactical UAV

Azerbaijan’s anti-aircraft fire shot down an Armenia’s tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on Saturday, according to a report by the Ministry of Defence Of Azerbaijan.

“On March 3 in the afternoon, the Azerbaijan’s Air Force air defense units neutralized the tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) “X-55″ of the Armenian armed forces, attempting to carry out the flights over the positions of our troops in the Aghdam direction of the front”, said in a report.

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The X-55 (also named Kh-55) UAV is a model of “Ptero-5E” produced by “AFM Servers”. Armenia purchased 5 complexes of “Ptero-5E” from Russia in 2013-2014. Though manufacturing company announced selling of UAV to the Ministry of extraordinary situations of Armenia, last year UAVs were demonstrated at the military exhibition of Armenia defence ministry with X-55 index.

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The X-55 UAV is specially designed for aerial survey. Using specialized software for planning routes and professional aerial survey equipment can qualitatively perform all kinds of aerial surveys, including the aerial survey for mapping.

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