Brazilian Air Force to receive first two KC-390 aircraft this year

The first two KC-390 multi-mission aircraft are expected to be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) in middle 2018, that was reported by fab.mil.br.

According to a report, the new multi-purpose transport aircraft of the Brazilian Air Force is progressing, with about 97 percent of the project complete and in the first half of year ends the in-flight test and certification phase. The KC-390 to have initial operational clearance by the middle of 2018 and final certification and clearance by the end of 2018.

The first KC-390 operational base will be at Ala 2, the old Anapolis Air Base in the state of Goiás. In all, 28 aircraft purchased by the Brazilian government will comprise the FAB transport aviation fleet.

The KC-390 is capable of carrying out various missions, such as transporting cargo, troops or dropping paratroopers, and aerial refueling, search and rescue, medical evacuation and aerial firefighting, in addition to supporting humanitarian missions. The aircraft can transport up to 26 metric tons of cargo at a maximum speed of 470 knots (870 km/h), as well as operate in hostile environments, including from unprepared or damaged runways.

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Since the start of the flight test campaign, in October 2015, both KC-390 prototypes have demonstrated high rates of availability, accumulating more than 1,500 flight hours and more than 40,000 hours of laboratory testing of the aircraft’s various systems.

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According to the schedule, in 2018, the final Type Certificate will be issued by ANAC. Additionally, in-flight tests of various military functionalities will be completed, including the remaining aerial refueling and cargo dropping tests, to fulfill the requirements to …read more

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