SM-2 Block IIIC will have anti-surface capability

H/T to @MIL_STD for providing to the graphic. The U.S. Navy intends to upgrade the SM-2 missile to Block IIIC and this upgraded missile will have an anti-surface capability.

The Pentagon approved the upgrade last month by giving Rayhteon a $149 million contract for engineering, manufacturing, and development of the new variant. The semi-active radar seeker will be replaced with an active radar seeker in this upgrade exercise.

The SM-6 has proven that it can strike surface ships and now the service intends to allocate the anti-surface and anti-air dual function to a new SM-6 Block IB variant.

For short range defense, the RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missrim-116 block iibile will evolve into a Block IIB design.

A Next Generation Strike Weapon is also being considered.


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