Boeing releases concept images of its new Advanced Eagle fighter aircraft

U.S. aerospace giant Boeing has released concept images depicting the new F-15EX Advanced Eagle fighter aircraft.

Boeing launches a new update for the website as part of the promotional activities of its new upgraded version of the F-15EX fighter jet, commonly known as Strike Eagle on Steroids.

With new concept images, Boeing reveals additional details of new fighter jet purpose-built for the U.S. Air Force.

F-15EX leverages $5B+ in technology investments over the past decade to bring the U.S. Air Force the world’s most modern variant of the undefeated F-15.

Complementing other aircraft, the F-15EX enhances the air combat capabilities of the fleet to ensure the U.S. remains ahead of current and emerging threats.

The Advanced Eagle will have unmatched weapon station capacity up to 29,500 lbs. of a payload supported by 12 certified air-to-air hardpoints and 15 certified air-to-ground hardpoints.

Photo by Boeing

The Advanced F-15 will can carry the full array of air-to-air, air-to-ground and maritime strike weapons. The aircraft can engage a multitude of targets on any given mission.

The Advanced F-15’s design architecture facilitates affordable, low-risk integration of new weapons.

A fully integrated electronic warfare suite provides a full spectrum of protection and enables dominant engagement of new and emerging threats. The F-15EX will be able to survive modern integrated air defense systems and seamlessly communicate with other sensors to deliver automated IR countermeasures for enhanced survivability.

Also added that new, more powerful twin engines provide the F-15EX with unrivaled speed and acceleration capabilities, allowing the pilot to get to the target faster.

Photo by Boeing

21st-century cockpit provides real-time access to battlefield information and enhances the pilot’s understanding of the environment to reduce work load, speed decision-making and enhance mission management. The F-15EX to receive Display Core Processor …read more

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