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F-35 Engine Fix Coming, Program Chief Says

WASHINGTON, Oct. 31, 2014 – The head of the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter program office said yesterday that he expects to have decided on a permanent solution by the end of December...

RCAF CF-18s flew first missions over Iraq

Canadian fighters have flown their first and second mission over Iraq from an air base in Kuwait. However, no bombs were dropped on both missions. …read more Source:: Alert5 (Air)

Pentagon Implements F-35 Engine Fixes

Engineers with the Pentagon’s F-35 program are implementing a series of short- and long-term fixes to the aircraft’s engine problems. …read more Source:: DoD Buzz (Air)

F-35 Ahoy! Navy Version Of JSF Faces Nimitz’s Tests

WASHINGTON: The next two weeks will be enormously important for the Navy’s carrier-based version of the Joint Strike Fighter as two F-35Cs undergo extensive testing operating from the USS Nimitz. The Navy has been...

F-35 Heading Toward Block Buy

Every year, the Pentagon and its corporate partners hash out contracts for individual low-rate initial production (LRIP) lots of the F-35 joint strike fighter. If the man running the program has his say, those...

Mexico Orders More Airbus C295 Aircraft

Mexico orders more Airbus C295 aircraft Mexico has signed a contract with Airbus Defence and Space for the acquisition of two additional Airbus C295 medium transport aircraft for the Mexican Navy. The agreement takes...

‘Ambulance drone’ prototype unveiled in Holland

A Dutch-based student on Tuesday unveiled a prototype of an “ambulance drone”, a flying defibrillator able to reach heart attack victims within precious life-saving minutes. Developed by Belgian engineering graduate Alec Momont, it can...

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