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Saudi jet lost over Yemen

A Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) combat aircraft was lost during operations over Yemen on 7 January, the Kingdom’s state media announced. The aircraft, which the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) described as being a...

Japan’s military aviation programs not fully funded

The Nikkei has identified shortfalls in the funding of military aviation projects in Japan’s current five-year defense program which ends this year. By 航空自衛隊 [GJSTUv1], via Wikimedia Commons The government was suppose to buy...

Chinese army finally accepts Z-18A helicopters into service

Following more three years of testing, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) accepted into service the Z-18A medium transport helicopters. According to CCTV reports, the first Z-18A helicopter developed by Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation (CAIC)...

Tu-160M2 to make first flight this month

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin disclosed that the Tu-160M2 supersonic bomber will be making its first flight by end of the month. …read more Read more here:: Alert5 (Air)

AFRL’s AgilePod shows ISR versatility during Scorpion fit test

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s premier intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance pod, the AgilePod, shows ISR versatility during Scorpion’s test in December 2017. That was reported by Marisa Alia-Novobilski, Air Force Research Laboratory. The Air...

CMV-22B IOC set for September 2020

The CMV-22B will reach initial operational capability in September 2020, a draft environmental assessment by the U.S. Navy has disclosed. By MC3 Peter Burghart [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons The service is still trying...

Aurora Flight Sciences to certify Orion UAV

Aurora Flight Sciences has received a $48 million contract from the U.S. Air Force to certify the Orion unmanned aerial vehicle. Photo: Aurora Flight Sciences …read more Read more here:: Alert5 (Air)

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