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China Plans To Export J-31 Stealth Fighter

China plans to export its stealthy twin-engine J-31 fighter, which would become the first aircraft of its kind available to global customers who cannot afford the Lockheed Martin F-35. …read more Source:: Defense News...

Iran claims success with reverse-engineered stealth UAV

​Iran has conducted what is understood to be the maiden flight of its reverse-engineered Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned air vehicle, state-led news reports have revealed. …read more Source:: Flight Global Military News (Air)

Pakistan Air Forces Strikes: 27 Terrorists Killed

Further consolidating their position on the 24th day of the Operation Khyber 1, the Pakistan Army led security forces Sunday mowed down another 27 alleged terrorists in parts of Khyber agency besides destroying around...

Beyond the hype: the year of the Scorpion fighter jet

Since its first flight in 2013, Textron AirLand’s new Scorpion aircraft has enjoyed significant attention from industry, the media and military top brass. The small, low-budget fighter jet made its international debut in 2014...

IAI CEO sees shift in focus towards ISR

Key Points IAI shifts focus towards ISR capabilities to reflect naval market requirements IAI CEO sees ISR as main global mission for navies Naval vessel and equipment supplier Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is seeing...

Kuznetsov tests new engine for Russian PAK-DA bomber

Kuznetsov Design Bureau has completed bench tests of a new propulsion system being developed to power the Russian Air Force’s next-generation bomber aircraft. …read more Source:: Air Force technologie (Air)

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